Jennifer Blake: Thanks Jar

Thanks Jar

November 5, 2012

October has always been my favorite fall month, but I am welcoming November with open arms and trying to make it a good one! 
Last year I made this...remember? I used some glass etch and wrote 'thanks' on a jar. Well it's November which means the 'thanks' jar is back! 
Well Aaron and I liked the tradition of writing down little things every day for the month of November that we were thankful for, it is a fun way to remember how truly blessed we really are! This year I decided to add some fun tape to the sides of the jar and rather than colored paper we will be using little tags to write on. I still have last years saved in a box so it might be fun to compare this year and last year. 
What are you thankful for?


  1. what a sweet tradition! Totally "pinable". :)

  2. Omg...I have something similar I've used for years. And I can't wait to write a post about it, but I'm waiting for it to fill up, which is taking forever. Long story, but I can't wait to share with you neat!


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