Jennifer Blake: One Word Recap

One Word Recap

December 24, 2012

On January 1st last year I chose a word to focus on for 2012, that word was vitality. If you want to read more about why I chose the word check out this post. 

Vitality: The power to live or grow. The state of being strong and active. Energy.
Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Creatively.

Did you choose a word? If so how did it go?

I wish I could say that I focused a lot on vitality, but that just isn't true. If I were to be honest, most of the time I couldn't even remember the word I chose, how sad is that!  I'm not even sure where this year went, can you believe its almost 2013? CRAZY. 
Thinking back on it, I grew a lot this year so whether I thought about it or not vitality was part of my life. This year brought so many changes, all of which I am grateful for, even if I wasn't grateful at the time all the change took place. I am not one for change. 

This year I...
- Got married
- Moved
- Started graduate school 
- Started a new job 
- Blogged more consistently
- Practiced more yoga
- Read a lot
- Focused on my relationship with Aaron
and so much more. 

I wasn't sure for a while if I would chose another word for 2013, I mean lets be real, I forgot about this word 9 times out of 10. After much contemplation I decided it would be fun to try again, so stay tuned in January for what my word for 2013 will be! 

Merry Christmas Eve!! 

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