Jennifer Blake: A & J Honeymoon Part I

A & J Honeymoon Part I

January 14, 2013

Aaron and I got married in September, in the middle of graduate school. It was perfect and I would not change a thing about it, even though it meant having to push our honeymoon until winter break. It gave me something to look forward to, something to get me through my semester. Since we are both student we had to figure out what we would be able to do on a budget...a road trip to Florida was the plan. 
We left on New Years eve and made plans to stop at places we wanted to visit along the way! I was really looking forward to the drive, it meant holding hands, taking in the scenery, and a lot of chit chat and reading! 
We drove from MA to Alexandria, VA the first day. We booked a hotel to stay in Virginia for three nights, we stayed right on King street which was filled with shops and restaurants. It was beyond perfect. I fell in love with everything about helped there was a Paper Source and an Anthropologie next door to each other. New Years eve we were tired from driving all day so we grabbed Five Guys burgers, walked around by the water, went back to the hotel (I took a short nap), then we watched the ball drop together. The next day we woke up and grabbed breakfast at Le Madeline  then we took the metro into DC which was nice. We saw a few of the memorials, the White House, visited the Holocaust museum, and just took in the sites. After a fun filled day we went back to our hotel to relax. Our last day there we spent the day on King street, shopping & eating. It was splendid. We bought a few used books, I of course made some purchases from Antrho and the Paper Source. The next morning we went to a cafe across the street, sipped lattes and read, before hitting the road to our next destination, Savannah GA. 
We spent one night in Savannah, when we got there it was kind of late, but we walked the main street, and explored down by the water. I was more in love with Alexandria, but Savannah is gorgeous and certainly somewhere I am glad we visited. We found a local brewery to have dinner at, and the beer was AMAZING. I am not a huge beer fan, but seriously  they brewed some of the most delicious beer. If you are ever in Savannah make sure to go to Moon River Brewery. The next morning we went to the water and took some pictures, then we hit the road for Florida! Here are a few snapshots from our journey to Florida...

I will post the pictures from our actual time in Florida as soon as I get time to edit them! 

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  1. Eep! This sounds so idealllll! Looking forward to hearing more stories and seeing more pictures. Glad this is the moment I realized I needed to catch up with you. =)


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