Jennifer Blake: right now.

right now.

January 28, 2013

Right now....

Messy buns are my go to
Coffee is my life line
I am obsessed with Project Life
Scarfs have become a necessity
Reading the archives on this blog have consumed my time
Yoga has helped my stress & anxiety
Music like this makes me happy
Apartment hunting to move has been fun 
Taking down the Christmas tree is a priority
We are get back to a new normal with school
I am planning, dreaming, and scheming 
I could care less about the kitchen being a mess
Connecting with old friends and making new friends
Being a Mrs. makes me giddy, I love him.
Vanilla spiced lattes are perfection. 



  1. Messy buns are ALWAYS my go to ;) xoxo! eliza

  2. I love this! How sweet and yes being a Mrs makes me giddy too. :)


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