Jennifer Blake: one little word update

one little word update

February 11, 2013

As I have mentioned before I chose one little word to represent 2013, you can read more about the word I chose here. I am also participating in Ali Edwards one little word class, so far it has been great. It has also helped me keep my word present in my mind each month, because last year when I chose a word I kind of forgot about it for most of the year.

As part of the class we were supposed to pick an 'action' or 'intention' word each month to go with our main word. For February I chose, LOVE open. I thought that love was appropriate since Valentines day is this month. Plus, I really want to work on loving more opening towards Aaron, my family and my friends.

Now what does that mean? It may mean something completely different to you, but to me it means...

- Listen without judgment
- Provide uninterrupted attention
- Hug more
- Kiss more
- Talk more
- Say thank you more
- Say I love you more
- Tell them how you feel
- Care more
- Laugh more
- Show them how much they mean to you
- Tell them how much they mean to you
- Do small kind gestures
- Let go of expectations
- Let go of anger you may have
- Just LOVE.

Did you pick a word for the year? I'd love to read about it if you did!

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