Jennifer Blake: Project Life: week 7

Project Life: week 7

February 24, 2013

Its week 7 already! I have been so busy with school this past week and this upcoming week is going to be incredibly busy, but sitting down to do this spread gave me a little mental break which was much needed and so nice.

Week 7: February 11-17

This week was Valentines week! We had school like normal, nothing much happened then. Thursday was Valentines Day and we celebrated with making dinner together and exchanging gifts. It was a very laid back night and just what we needed after a long week at school. Friday we went into Boston and Aaron took me out for a late Valentines dinner at a little french bistro. It was so good. Saturday we went to my dads and celebrated his 50th birthday! Sunday we ran errands and caught up on some work. It was a long weekend so it was the perfect time to catch up on a lot of stuff.

I decided to add two extras into this weeks spread. I printed off the blog post on Valentines day of the letter I wrote to Aaron. I also added in the card from my mom and the card from Aaron that I got on Valentines day!

How did your spread come out this week?


  1. I have always wanted to try project life! I think your pages are beautiful and inspiring! :)

  2. I still just think this is the coolest idea. Sorry to spam you with comments! Just getting caught up on my reading :) xoxo!

  3. I bought everything to do Project Life, and then we moved and it dissapeared! I've taken to making family yearbooks on Shutterfly, but I miss the hand-made portion of creating keepsakes.

    Yours looks so darn cute! You're going to treasure it for years to come.


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