Jennifer Blake: The little things

The little things

February 25, 2013

As this week starts I am trying hard to make myself happy with the little moments. The moments in everyday that we take for granted. The little things that make us happy without even realizing it sometimes. This is by far one of the busiest weeks in the semester for me so far, but I am determined to not let it stress me out too bad. I plan to pay attention to all the little moments and focus on how happy they make me feel.

The little things like...

Hugs from Aaron when he gets home
Reading for pleasure before bed
A cup of tea while studying
Phone calls from family
Trees covered in the new fallen snow
Reading my favorite blogs every morning
The quietness on my drive to school
How the coffee smells first thing in the morning
Sending out snail mail to friends
A steaming hot shower
Dinner together on the couch 
A nice glass of Riesling 
Knitting a few rows in my checkered blanket
Painting my nails

Take time for the little things this week. Think about how happy they make you feel.


  1. If I had to make a list of 'little things' that make me smile, it would be every single thing on this list :) Except it would be hugs from Thomas...and I'd probably mention that I miss being in school..and I'd add watching the biggest loser ;) xoxo!

  2. Love this. So simple but so easy to forget. I'll often make 'gratitude lists' in my head, but only write them out on paper on the really bad days. I think I may try and start doing this now!


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