Jennifer Blake: List it Tuesday

List it Tuesday

March 5, 2013

Ever schedule a post to go live and then 20 minutes before it is supposed to go live you delete it? Yea, that is what just happened. I made a list of something for today that was a little more personal, and then realized I just wasn't ready to share it with the world. Maybe another Tuesday it will happen. Today I thought I would share a few things I could not live without.

1. Coffee. I will admit I have a caffeine addiction, it could be worse. It really isn't that I NEED it to get through my day (okay, okay, maybe it is!) but rather that I love the taste, smell and comfort a cup of coffee brings.

2. Instagram. I love capturing small little moments, whether its the meal I am eating or the view that I see. I am completely addicted to it.

3. Eos lip balm. First of all it comes in a cute little circle shape, secondly they all smell amazing, and lastly they make your lips feel like a babys bottom, so soft.

4.  Dove dark chocolate. I love the little bite size pieces. I have been trying to eat better and cut out sweets for the most part, but these little delicious chocolates are a perfect daily chocolate fill. Plus Dove always gives you a little sweet message inside the wrapper, little pick-me-ups are always nice.

5. Timer Cam App. Love this little guy. You can set your phone up, set the timer, and snap a picture. It is great for project life and it also makes it so I don't have to be constantly asking Aaron to snap a picture for me.

6. Amazon. I could never live without Amazon. They have everything you could ever need and sometimes it is so much easier to order everything you need online and get it shipped right to my door. Plus you can find used books for a penny, a SINGLE PENNY, in the amazon marketplace. It really doesn't get any better then that. Oh yea and if you are a student all your textbook needs are there, and they let you sell them back!! Really it is just such a fabulous place.

Well those are the 6 things I probably could live without, but never really want to try, they just make me too happy! Oh and of course Aaron & my family falls on that list...I figured that was given though.

What can't you live without? 

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