Jennifer Blake: Project Life: Week 9

Project Life: Week 9

March 10, 2013

It's week nine of project life and I am loving it just as much as when I started. You probably didn't even noticed but I missed last week, I just couldn't find time so there will be no week 8 in my book. I was really mad at myself for not snapping pictures and throwing together a few pages, but then I realized I would rather skip a week then put in a not so hot looking layout. I would rather have my heart go into a spread then rush and throw one together, besides I have to remember this is a project for ME, sure it makes good blog content, but I do it because I love it, so long story week 8.

Now on to week 9...
February 25- March 3

This week was midterms. It involved mostly studying, a lunch and breakfast date, a celebration of birthdays, and the start of MARCH!

I did more journaling this week because of the lack of pictures I took, but I was okay with that, I had a lot to talk about and I am so glad I did. I also tried out a new spread this week, it has 10 3x4 pockets and on 4x6, I really liked it, and I think it tells a story with pictures well. I am already starting to plan the next spread. I find it easier to plan out roughly what I want it to look like during the week and then spend a day or two really putting it all together.



  1. This is SO COOL, Jenn.

    How long do you think you spend on it each week? It's tempting to me, but looks like a lot of work!

    Looks so great and I'm sure it will be WONDERFUL to have in the future!

  2. i LOVE this idea! I take multiple photos in a day. What a great way to keep them organized and track of what you've been up to.

    After I finish some other craft related projects I may have to give this a go:)


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