Jennifer Blake: Spring playlist

Spring playlist

March 25, 2013

Ever notice the music you listen to changes season to season? I know mine does. Sometimes it is just about the release of a new song and the timing, but mostly it changes because my mood changes. Sunshine makes a world of difference in my mood.

I wanted to share my recent spring playlist with you guys, enjoy!
...and yes there is a Justin Beiber song, don't hate, its catchy.

Spring by Jennifer on Grooveshark

I am always looking for new music, I have been on a Lumineers and Imagine Dragons kick lately.



  1. I will never never never EVER judge you for having Justin on a playlist. I may judge you for NOT having Justin on a playlist though:)

  2. Actually my husband (the above person I posted under because apparently I was signed in under him) would, but me never;)

  3. Seriously, if you like As Long As You Love me -- check out this cover from my friend ryan :)


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