Jennifer Blake: Totally digging...

Totally digging...

March 11, 2013

This weekend was the best, we ate, we slept, we watched movies, saw friends, went shopping, and ate junk food. Perfect start to spring break am I right?

Lately I have been digging more TV then is probably good for me. 30 Rock, Psych, Glee, Re-runs of Gilmore Girls, Dance Moms, HIMYM, New Girl. I should probably just stop there before you think I do nothing with my life besides watching TV, because honestly I really don't have that much time. Typically I have it on as background noise while I do homework.

Also, blueberry eggos, popsicles, Starbucks vanilla blonde roast, and york peppermint patties I just cant stop myself, those four things just call my name every time they are around. Oh and Reeses peanut butter eggs yep those things are good for the soul.

Lets see, I have also been digging how much time I had to catch up on things this weekend. Emails, scheduling blog posts, reading blogs, reading for fun, project life, finally cleaning the apartment, and getting to paint my nails. Time is a magical thing people.

And today we are off to spend a night away from everything in one of the towns Gilmore Girls was based off of, yep I can't wait.

I need book suggestions, movie suggestions, and maybe some new blogs to check out this week!  Comment away my friends.


  1. TV. Junk food. The best way to spend the weekend. And I know I say that a lot ;) GILMORE GIRLS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! Where are you staying? I have to know! xo, E

  2. Yayy! Enjoy your break! Mine just finished, and I'm already jealous of you. =)

    I just finished The Time Traveler's Wife, and it was wonderful, though I think I was slow on that one. Oh, and we just watched Bernie on Netflix. Highly recommended!


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