Jennifer Blake: Weekend to-do list

Weekend to-do list

March 15, 2013

This weekend marks the end of spring break and we are spending it with family. I wish we had another week off, but I am grateful for the one we did have.

What are you up to this weekend? Maybe something on my list will inspire you.

This weekend is for...
Celebrating my grandmothers birthday with lunch
Bowling & lunch with family
A home cooked meal from mom
Quality mother & daughter time
Listening to this TED talk
Finishing this book
Knitting more of my blanket
Scouring cookbooks and planning meals for the week
Editing endless amount of pictures
Prepping for the end of the spring semester
Watching this video again
Drinking endless amounts of blueberry green mountain coffee
Trying one of these hair styles


  1. that picture is so cool, I love the different perspective!


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