Jennifer Blake: current reads & a book review

current reads & a book review

April 25, 2013

I think I will start off with reviewing the last book I read even though the title of this post has it going the other way. I guess I could change the title, but what fun would that be. Anyways....on to the book.

Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism (discover the secrets to a healthier you)
by: Maria Emmerich

I LOVED this book. I mean it took me a little while to get through it because I seem to have book ADD lately, but I found it very insightful and interesting. I'm not going to lie if you have no interest in health and nutrition you will HATE it. It is not a page turner, but rather more of a hmmm I do eat like crap and I do feel like that because of it. It helps you see how you eat and what you can change. It educated me on a lot of products that I thought were healthy, but really are just as bad as the Kraft Mac & Cheese I just devoured.

So do you eat processed food and feel the affects of it?

Or maybe you do not realize what those affects are?

Or maybe you just want to take better control over your health and eating habits?

Well my friends this book is for you.

And to all of my lovely readers who are happy eating the way they do, more power to ya!!

Now on to what I am currently reading...

A Short History of Nearly Everything >> Yep, I have been working on this one for a while. I really do love it, I find it interesting and pretty rad (yes, I just sad rad). But heres the deal, I have read SO many non-fiction books lately that my brain wants something different, so I only pick this one up about once a week.
The History of Love >> Oh my gosh. I just started this a few nights ago and I LOVE it. I love it so much. It is just what my brain needed. I'll let you know once I get further if I still feel the same way.
The Honest Life >> Not really a book you sit and read. Sure go for it if you want. I find myself picking it up a few times a day and reading just a few pages. I love Jessica Alba and I love her company, so this book is fabulous. It kind of seems like the book is for those new moms out there, but it isn't she has earth friendly tips for everyone.

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