Jennifer Blake: Currently


April 8, 2013


Reading >> The Short History of Nearly Everything, The Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism, and Casual Vacancy. I just finished The Gifts of Imperfection last night, which I loved! I really hate reading so many books at once, but I just found myself wanting to start all these books in March, which caused me to not finish reading a single book in March! I am hoping to finish 4-5 during April though!

Watching >> Psych & One Tree Hill. Aaron and I have been working our way through pasts seasons of Psych recently, and when I am alone doing homework I find myself flipping on One Tree Hill. As for stuff on TV? Well we still watch How I Met Your Mother, new episodes of Psych, and New Girl.

Anticipating >> The weekend, I need it to be here now so I can get my head above water and catch up. This weekend was a blast, but I neglected most of my work and now I feel stressed and behind!

Listening >> Pandora, mainly summer hits of the 90's and the Luke Bryan station. I have not listen to country in a while, so I am loving putting it on while I do homework. Also did you watch the ACMs last night? Loved the hosts.

Eating >> Too much sugar. I can feel it. I feel sluggish and heavy. Thanks Easter Reese eggs. Goal this week...cut back on the sugar (and maybe my coffee intake as well).

Wanting >> A new lens for my camera, or a trip to somewhere warm. Lets be honest, I'd take either!

Working on >> Projects and papers. My black and white blanket, as well as ideas for opening my Etsy shop!

Loving >> The spring weather, time with friends, relaxing nights with my husband, and Blueberry coffee.


  1. I feel like I need the weekend to catch up too. I hate feeling behind on a Monday!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love this style of "Currently"-type post. So simple.

    So with you on too much sugar. Easter has the best candy, I just inhale peeps.

  3. Ditto on the sugar AND neglecting work. =) Good luck getting back on track. I'll think of you before I reach for a Reese's egg. ;-)

  4. I sort of had a weekend like that, too. I hate when Monday comes around again and I feel like I got nothing done!

    Also, I thought the ACMs were great! I loved Blake & Luke! have a great week :)

    xo samantha

  5. I need to cut back on my sugar too! All this left over Easter candy is dragging me down a bit but it's all just too delicious to not eat!

    - Carrie


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