Jennifer Blake: Project Life weeks 13 & 14

Project Life weeks 13 & 14

April 14, 2013

Since I did not post my spread for week 13 you get to see both of the spreads today!

Week 13: March 25-31
This week...
Was filled with simple and fun days. I worked on my knitting, I made a project for school, we enjoyed nights together watching Psych and eating dinner together. We celebrated our first Easter as a married couple together, nothing big. We made Easter baskets for each other and we just hung out the rest of the day. 
Things I loved...
I love the girl and guys stickers for signify which Easter basket was his & hers. I also loved some of the new journal cards I used. I also love the March sticker I incorporated to mark which week it was. 

Week 14: April 1-7
This week...
Was really busy with school, but the weekend was filled with fun. Friday Aaron and I ran errands and had a date at Red Robin. The weather really felt like spring this week, which I loved. I went home for the weekend to see my mom and I had a girls night with a friend from home- dinner, shopping & ice cream! Sunday was filled with prepping for a baby shower, and then attending the baby shower! I also incorporated my April goals in this weeks spread, it is a nice reminder. 
Things I loved...
I wrote on a lot of pictures this week, and tried to keep a consistent color scheme. I tried to take a lot of photos of the small moments. I loved putting stickers on the photos and writing on them. I also really liked the Sun-Mon journal card, it was nice to write out what took place each day. 

Anyone else work on Project Life this weekend? I want to see your spreads! 

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