Jennifer Blake: So that time I made goals for April...

So that time I made goals for April...

April 29, 2013

Remember these goals? Yea, well can you believe April is basically over? I seriously do not know where the time went this month!! I thought I would do a recap of just how terribly I did on sticking to my monthly goals for April.

1. Focusing more on my one little word. Umm yea if you grabbed me on the street and asked me what my one little word was I could tell you it, but I could not tell you the action word I picked to go with it for April. In case you were wondering it was CHOOSE open. I wont sit here and tell you that it even crossed my mind once this

2. To be more intentional with my time. I would say I worked on this one a lot, I planned and had a pretty good schedule going for April. I stil found myself wasting time when I could have been productive, but baby steps people baby steps.

3. To exercise 3x a week. HA! This did not happen, no excuses, just the truth.

4. To write for fun more. Yea...this did not happen either, next month I hope?

5. To plan for my Etsy shop. Yep, things are brewing! I am excited and inspired. Stay tuned!

6. To plan decor for our bedroom. This one actually happened. I have boards of ideas, and I painted a canvas for our wall. All good things!

7. To drink less coffee and more tea. Go ahead laugh away because I am pretty sure I doubled my coffee intake this month. It just happens when life gets busy. I have a problem, I know.

8. To pick up my camera everyday. Does my phone count? This did not happen, but I certainly used it way more this month which makes me happy! I hope to make this into more of a habit, rather than reaching for my phone to snap a picture.

So there ya have it, I pretty much failed miserably on my goals for April. But that is the good think about monthly goals, I can start fresh for May! I am SO excited for May, I can feel good things happening. Come back on Wednesday for my May goals!

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  1. I was just thinking today about my 30 miles in 30 days goal that I had for april. I went out and ran once. once! I'm pretty sure that is a major fail! I did run at bootcamp but I wasn't planning on counting those miles....maybe I'll rethink that next time.


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