Jennifer Blake: The video where I ramble.

The video where I ramble.

April 11, 2013

So since I slacked in the blogging area this week, I thought I would do a vlog for you guys. Seriously, I just talk about life and what has been going on, nothing fancy.

Before you watch thought let me apologize for...
1. The weird shoulder thing I do almost the entire time.
2. Saying "so" too much
3. Not focusing my eyes on ANYTHING, seriously I look like a crazy with how much my eyes are moving.
4. That I don't live a super exciting life.
5. My phone goes off twice. Whoops!

I'm awkward, I know I've excepted it.



  1. So I am a new follower & just finished watching this video. I love your rambling! I discovered watching your video that you're in OT which is neat since I'm applying for OT in 2014 :) Also, you seem so down to earth and easy to get along with. I love your style of writing & your blog is super cute :) Just thought you should know!


  2. I just now found out that you are going to school for occupational therapy. As a special ed. teacher I work very closely with them and since have decided if I ever were to go back that's what I'd do. Go you! You're almost done!

  3. Hi! I'm Nora from This little Love, and girl i feel you on the full reader thing.. I switched to bloglovin and read through that way but still mine is over 2000 and still climbing but I feel like if I don't keep reading I'll miss something good. So I'm glad I found this vlog in my mess and ha ha, I love you rambling makes my VLOG posts seem more normal! :) Loves from rainy Oregon! talk soon I hope!


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