Jennifer Blake: this weekend...

this weekend...

April 19, 2013

What a week. I am still speechless over the events that have happened this week, Boston is home and honestly I don't understand any of it. How can people do such terrible things? It is finally the weekend though which means that it is time to step back, relax and just relish in the beauty each new day brings.

This weekend is for...
Going home to dog sit
Sitting on the porch and drinking tea
Dreaming, scheming, plotting for the future
Dinner with friends
Getting my first ice cream cone of the season
Going on walks
Playing with my pup
Celebrating 6 years with Aaron
Being thankful for life
Getting lost in this book

This week was for...
Being thankful for my life
Sending massive amounts of love to Boston & Texas
Making sure my family was safe
Loving this video and this one
Wondering why people do bad things
Being sad, scared and angry
Wishing there was more love then hate
Spring cleaning
Eating leftovers all week
Posts like this, this, and this, such a way with words.

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  1. This is so crazy! I can't believe I'm watching it all on the news and it is taking place just miles from my house. I hate being locked in. So scary. I just want them to catch him so we can all have a relaxing weekend!


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