Jennifer Blake: this weekend...

this weekend...

April 5, 2013

Happy Friday! This week was a good week. It was long, but I felt like it passed fast. We also got a little tiny bit of warm weather which makes everything better. 

This weekend is filled with even more goodness. 

This weekend is for...
Watching Psych and cuddling with my husband
Coffee dates
Trips to the post office
Getting crafty 
Catching up on blogs, right now I am loving this one and this one! 
Painting my nails 
Girls night 
Mom & daughter time
A baby shower for a close friend & her soon to be little girl! 
A little online shopping here (and maybe here!)

This week I loved...
Watching old seasons of one tree hill
This TED talk 
This post about being over sugar
This post about raising a child
Writing my April intentions, I thought long and hard about these this month.
Starting J.K Rowling's most recent book
Breaking out my sketch book and brainstorming some new ideas
This post about how things shall pass


  1. Awe have a wonderful weekend. I should get back into sketching, i've started soo many books that are only filled up 2 pages in them ;)

  2. Love that picture, hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy every minute of it. (:

  3. sounds like a fabulous weekend! :)

    p.s. love the new blog layout!


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