Jennifer Blake: 18 days.

18 days.

May 1, 2013

My dad once told me that it takes 18 days to form a habit, at least I think that is how long he said. It really doesn't matter how long, the point is that if you practice practice practice something will become habit (hopefully!). There are a lot of things that we do out of habit every day like brush our teeth, get dressed in weather appropriate clothes, eat dinner...etc. And there are also those things that we wish were habit because it would make our lives better or happier or easier, so why not try and make those things into habit?

For me the things I wish were habit are...

+ Washing my face EVERY night before bed. I go to bed so often with makeup still on because I am so exhausted by the end of the day that I only muster up enough energy to brush my teeth, throw on the closest pajamas and climb under the covers.

+ Making the bed. Having a made bed makes me happy. It makes me feel like our room is somewhat organized and I think overall it makes the place look tidy. I loved having this as a monthly goal (in February I believed), but I definitely let it slip and I would love to get back in the habit of doing it every morning.

+ Not eating right before I go to bed. I am a chronic snacker, seriously put food in front of me and chances are I will eat it, especially late at night. I also find myself waking up with stomach aches in the morning, probably from how much I ate right before I crawled into bed.

+ Putting my clothes directly where they belong instead of the floor. Our room would be pretty darn spotless if I could just learn to put my clothes away. My mom always used to tell me my floor is not a shelf. I think I would be less stressed and happier with a clean room, which just means not coming home throwing my clothes on the floor while I change into something comfier.

So there you have it 4 things I am going to attempt to make into a habit. I'll start today and maybe 18 days from now I will just do all of those things and not have to put much thought into doing them.

What habits do you wish you had? Join me in my challenge! 

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  1. sounds like you have the same pre-bedtime problems i have! i don't feel like doing ANYTHING (except eating of course) past 9pm!!


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