Jennifer Blake: 23 favorite moments.

23 favorite moments.

May 24, 2013

Yesterday I shared the things that made 23 special and today I want to share 23 moments. Both of these ideas I got from the amazing Elise! Reflecting back and remembering the good is such an amazing feeling, there were certainly more than just 23 moments, but these are the top 23. Some are big, some are small, all were amazing.

getting married to my best friend, it was magic.

completing more than 3/4 of my graduate classes.

walking around Target with Aaron to register for our wedding, it was pretty funny.

my bridal shower, so much fun.

the beach day last summer where we sat in traffic for longer than we were there, care memories are the best.

driving to Florida for our honeymoon.

drinks by the pool everyday in Florida.

seeing my sister and nephew when they came home for the wedding.

celebrating one year of my blog!

my bachelorette party, what a night.

exploring Worcester with Aaron, after we moved in.

having Christmas with Aaron on our own day, in our own place, before heading home to see our families.

watching Perks of Being a Wallflower with Aaron.

seeing one of my best friends in Georgia on our way home from Florida.

pumpkin painting on the floor.

sitting on the couch, with the Christmas tree lit and doing homework next to each other.

our adventure to Great Barrington (the first time).

getting wrapped up in the book The Fault in Our Stars.

late night sporadic trips to walk around Target and Barnes and Noble.

my level 1 pediatric fieldwork at Square One, kids are my favorite.

being in NH and stopping by Beech Hill Farm!

eating fresh veggies from moms garden.

every morning waking up next to my amazing husband.


  1. Great post. I can't wait to have been blogging for a year. It takes a lot of work I'm sure. Today is my first launch day and I'm a bit overwhelmed. Just gotta take things one day at a time.

    Oh the joys of Target! I have this problem where I can't go to Target without spending at LEAST $50. I'm convinced they mentally psych you out to purchase purchase purchase. It's a problem...a major problem:)


  2. Love these lists, Jenn! Such a great way to appreciate all you've done + celebrate what's been important to you. Such a great year!!

    {And if I may speak from experience--- it only gets better! I promise! :) }

  3. I bet Florida was so much fun. I went to St. Augustine in February and it was the best time.


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