Jennifer Blake: 23 favorite things.

23 favorite things.

May 23, 2013

It is birthday time around here, we celebrated Aaron's 24th birthday yesterday and on Monday we continue the birthday festivities with my 24th birthday. I saw a post a while back from Elise, who shared her favorite things from the year, I loved the idea of reflecting back. I thought I would share 23 things that made 23 great.

Project Life/ I have never loved a project more. I absolutely love documenting every week, the little moments are so fun to look back on.

Starting my masters in occupational therapy/ I am so happy with the path I have chosen. I am excited to help people and to begin my career.
Chemex coffee maker/ I love it. The coffee it makes always comes out delicious, and I wont lie it takes longer to make than our Keurig, but I like how it slows down time and its a relaxing process.

My Nikon camera/ I love capturing moments and I have loved getting to play around with my camera. I hope to know how to use it better when I have some time to sit down with it this summer!

Psych/  Oh my gosh, this show is so funny Aaron got my hooked on it and we watched every season and we are now watching the current season on TV.
Essie nail polish/ Any color. I just love how easy it goes on and I am willing to pay the price for nail polish that lasts.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown/ I loved this book it was motivating and inspiring.

Young House Love the design book/ This was the first blog I fell in love with, so when they came out with a book I was ecstatic, it seriously has some of the best project.

Farmers market Yankee candle/ It smells so good.

Arrested Development/ I hated the show at first and I was so stubborn that after not liking the first episode I refused to watch anymore, but then I caved in and gave it a second change. Now I love it and I am so excited for the new season to start on Netflix Sunday.
Yoga/ Getting back into yoga has been so good for me this year, my stress level has gone down and overall I feel better.

Maxi skirts/ They are comfy, easy to style, and I love them. Definitely an easy spring/summer go to outfit.

Perks of Being a Wallflower the movie/ This is one of my all time favorite books and I was hesitant to see the movie, because lets be honest they are never the same. Well I loved it, they followed the story line really well.

Skyping with Hannah Brencher/ I love the way this girl writes and being able to Skype with her to share my ideas and thoughts on blogging was so much fun and she left me so inspired.

The summer Olympics/ I loved watching the Olympics with Aaron, especially girls gymnastics, so much fun.

My Kitchen Aid mixer/ Getting married was a fabulous moment in my life and with it came some awesome gifts from friends and family, this was one of them. I love baking so this guy came in handy a lot.

Christmas classics/ Aaron and I bought a box set of some old Christmas classics, all the claymation ones, and I loved feeling like a little kid while we watched them this year.

The Lumineers/ I loved listening to their CD, it gets me through my really long car ride to and from school.

Knitting/ I started knitting before I turned 23, but I really gave it a shot these past few months, and I really enjoy it. It is a nice relaxing thing to do at night while I watch TV.

Caprese/ Something about tomatoes, cheese, basil and balsamic gets me. So delicious.
Ombre hair/ I have never been one to experiment with my hair but going ombre has been fun, I made stick with it a while.

Les Miserables/ Oh man, I loved this movie, I loved this soundtrack. I really wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the movie, but it was incredible.

Dove dark chocolate with almonds/ This is the perfect bite size treat after dinner, sometimes I need more than one, but either way its the perfect after dinner snack.

I think I might make this a tradition, I loved looking back! Stay tuned for 23 favorite moments!


  1. I LOVE Esse nail polish. I just got 192 and it's a really pretty pink. LOVE!

  2. Dark Chocolate with almonds is my newest favorite snack/addiction!


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