Jennifer Blake: 24 projects by 25.

24 projects by 25.

May 28, 2013

Celebrating 24 was perfect. Aaron made the day relaxing and fun. We wandered around Target where I was treated to a favorite magazine, a new pair of shorts and an awesome new nail polish. We browsed Barnes and Noble, enjoyed Panera for lunch and walked around Best Buy for a while. Then we spent the afternoon watching Arrested Development, playing games, eating cupcakes, and hanging up some new artwork. It was a fabulous day.

On my 23rd birthday I made a list, a list of 24 things I wanted to complete before I turned 24 (which was yesterday). Well that list left me overwhelmed and discouraged, I did not finish my list. Actually, to be honest I took it off the fridge about a month ago, folded it up and shoved it in a drawer. I just knew it wasn't going to happen. I was not passionate about what was on the list anymore, sure some of it I know I will accomplish because I want to, and yes I did do some if it, but I just wasn't feeling it anymore. So am I going to make a new list? Sort of.

My goal is to complete 24 projects before I turn 25, these projects will be home decor type projects. We are only going to be in our current place for about 6 more months, so come December I will have an entire new place to decorate (cue excitement), and what better way to decorate it than with handmade stuff! I have a secret Pinterest board going of ideas, and my goal is to share along the way. I don't have them all planned out which is what makes this fun, I can change my mind along the way! As I create and craft my little heart out I will share tutorials on the blog, and if you have any good ideas throw them my way!!

Have you crafted or created anything lately? Lets get off our computers, stop pinning and start doing, shall we?


  1. Happy Crafting!!

    I'm not good in crafting, I let others do that wonderful job ;)

  2. This is such a lovely idea :) I'm always pinning things to do on Pinterest but rarely will I get around to doing those projects. I have a list of various things for 25 by 25 at the moment (6 months to go - eek!) xx

  3. I LOVE this concept it has inspired me to work up a 30 by 30 list. Eek, 30, better go all freaking out over the next 9ish months. Perhaps the last 9 months of my 20s will be the best. Good luck on your list and thank you so much for the inspiration!! Keep rocking it girl!!



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