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May 6, 2013

Currently >> May edition
Currently I am buried up to my eyeballs in studying for finals, but besides that....

Reading >> Under the Tuscan Sun and The History of Love, both are really good, The History of Love has me wrapped up and Under the Tuscan Sun was a little slow to start, but getting better each time I pick it up. Seriously though, I try to read before bed and lately I get through a page before I am zonked out. I think it might mean something?

Watching >> New Girl season 1 (again), and we have quite a few episodes of Glee to catch up on. We also just started randomly watching season 4 of How I met your mother, and when I am alone, one tree hill has been my go to show.

Anticipating >> My birthday & the end of school for summer. 21 days until I turn 24! And just about 2 months left of school, until I have nice long break.

Listening >> Hmmm country music. I'm not sure why but summer makes me listen to country way more, maybe its the sunshine? I have also been loving The Swell Season.

Eating >> Well as I type this I am eating cinnamon rolls. Don't you love my healthy eating habits? It seems to just go down hill during finals week.

Wanting >> A sewing machine. Is that weird? I just want to sew stuff, I don't even know what kind of stuff, just anything. Also I would really love some light blocking curtains for our bedroom, I swear as soon as it gets bright in our room I am awake for the day, and 6AM comes too early on days off.

Working on >> Some new blog ideas, a new name for the blog (is that bad?) and a newsletter for my dads business!

Loving >> This weather! How can you not, perfect sunshine, blue sky everywhere, and warm temperatures. Yes, please.

What are you currently up to! Link up in the comments and I'd love to stop by and see, or just tell me, that would work too!


  1. Good luck on finals. I know how stressful and exhausting it is to be at the end of the semester! Hang in there and you can eat healthy when you're done! HA!

  2. this post inspires me to draft up a currently too! :)

    hmm who cares about the cinnamon roll! lol..i indulged in a peppermint mocha frap today.

    I am currently reading, "for women only: what you need to know about the inner lives of men."

    watching: that would be the voice tonight!

    i also just watched, "take me home" a movie that was on netflix. it was kinda slow but at this one point i got teary eyed and from then on, it made the whole movie & i love it. it stars one of the guys (son-in-law) on Parenthood. Sam Jaeger something. I think the woman who played claire in the movie is his wife!?

  3. love new girl!!! and my birthday is coming up tooo!

  4. also, i wanted a sewing machine for Christmas! i think it is a fun investment!


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