Jennifer Blake: Things I've Learned (Vol. 1)

Things I've Learned (Vol. 1)

May 21, 2013

I have been reflecting a lot about life lately, with my birthday less than a week away it has gotten me thinking...I realized I have learned a lot over my 23 years of life, so I figured I would share some of it with you...

+ Some libraries charge your for overdue books- hello $12.00 fee. I guess city libraries are different than little town suburban ones, who knew?

+ I have a serious unhealthy addiction to magazines, I just love them. Oh and like the actual paper ones, none of those electronic ones.

+ Cooking dinner every night is harder than I ever imagined it to be. Were lucky if there is a main course, but adding a veggie and a side? Lets be real, most nights this doesn't happen.

+ Homemade mac & cheese is SO much better than the box kind.

+ Nothing can cheer my up like a walk through Target to buy unneeded items.

+ I am lucky to have found such an amazing husband so young.

+ I will never be able to switch to reading completely electronic books, nope, there is just something about an actual book that I love.

+ Unfortunately I have learned that a lot of things are out of my control (cue anxiety attack from a type a control freak).

+ I can try to be the most stylish, smartest or funniest- but it wont happen. That just isn't me and I am okay with that.

+ Summer used to be my jam, now its Fall. I love Fall time in New England, it's the best.

Have you learned anything new about yourself recently? 


  1. I am so glad I am not the only one that fails at side dishes! ;) It's hard to make dinner every night, and I feel so accomplished when I'm like "we are having THIS for dinner and I have all the things and we are going to make it" and then my husband asks if there is a side dish of some kind and I am reminded that I totally can't even get that far! lol.

    I learned a lot about friendship lately and about how just because you were buds with someone at work, once you leave the job, often that relationship won't continue...I am learning to be ok with that. ;)

  2. " + I am lucky to have found such an amazing husband so young" - husbands rock! LOl :)

    Since having had my daughter I learned that everything else falls a step behind. Family is the most important thing now and not work. I have finally learned not to worry about the people at work and what they think...

  3. Wow I agree with so many of these! I mean, homemade mac and cheese is so much better than the box kind it's unreal! And I'm scared one day paper books will no longer exist and I just don't even know how I'd survive

    - Carrie

  4. I have a kindle and I still buy regular books too. I just got done putting a book on hold at Barnes & Noble which I will be picking up tomorrow.

    As we get "wiser", we do tend to look back on the past and try to figure out what lessons we learned. Well that is what I do at least.

    Have a good weekend!

  5. i too have an unhealthy obsession with magazines..they overflow sometimes lol. im actually going to read All You mag tonight! and i too love real books. i did give in and buy a nook in feb but that's more for the future because my arms getting more that'll be for books that i want to read that are heavier. anyways...i think at no matter what age we are..we are always learning. i know i am! :)


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