Jennifer Blake: Things that make me uncomfortable...

Things that make me uncomfortable...

May 3, 2013

I love the idea of posting every day in May and I am going to try, but somedays I will post the prompt from Story of My Life and other days I will post my own thing.
Today's prompt is: Things that make me uncomfortable. 

+ Spiders. I cringe, I squirm, I run away, I yell for anyone else around to kill it. 

+ Meeting new people. I get so anxious and nervous. Once you get to know me I am a social butterfly, but meeting new people makes me so uncomfortable, there are times I would completely avoid the situation if I knew I wouldn't really know anyone. 

+ Telling people NO. Yep, that makes me super uncomfortable. I hate letting people down, and if I have to tell someone no I always think they are going to be so mad and hate me after. 

+ Listening to myself on a tape recorder or voicemail. I sound so different then I think I sound! Its weird and uncomfortable, and I dont like it. 

+ Eating with people who let all their foods mix together and let the sauces of food get all over other foods on the plate. I know weird right? But seriously it kind of grosses me out, and it makes me antsy and uncomfortable to watch. 

+ Standing inside a fast food restaurant by myself. It is totally in my head but I feel like I am being judged by everyone around me if I am alone in line at a fast food place. Drive thru all the way baby. 

So I could probably go on and on because a lot of things make me uncomfortable, some that I didn't even realize before typing this post out. 

What make you uncomfortable


  1. such a good post! i feel ya on the whole saying NO - it stresses me out before i can actually say the words, NO. i can do it but i just hate the build-up.

    thanks for sharing - and happy friday, friend!

  2. Meeting new people...yep. I get all sweaty and nervous and probably look like a fool.

  3. I feel like I could have written the EXACT same post. All of those things are absolutely the same for me! ;)


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