Jennifer Blake: Do you have a niche?

Do you have a niche?

June 6, 2013

Okay folks, I am sure you have all read the how-to-blog posts, rules of blogging and do's and dont's of blogging posts. They are constantly popping up in blogland. Well after talking all things blog with the most amazing girl, Hannah Brencher I have decided to share something we talked about. Nicheless blogging, yep I said it (gasp!).

It seems like most blogging posts where they list out the do's of blogging, finding your niche is always on there. I definitely think for some people finding a specific niche works, food bloggers and fashion bloggers I'm talking to you. I have been trying to find my niche for a while, and guess what!? I don't have one. Sure I can be classified as a lifestyle blog, but I don't get any more specific than that. A lot of people say pick three main categories and stick to those, I can't do that either! I want to share everything with you guys, I love sharing recipes, I love sharing crafts, I love writing about life, and I love sharing stuff I find...and you know what? THATS OK! The best part about blogging is it is all mine and I can be nicheless if I want to. Thanks to Hannah I have decided to change the name, do a complete re-design and truly make this space my own, nicheless and all! Simplistic living is such a specific name and I don't want people being misled by the name, so get ready for a new name and design!

I wanted to share what is coming up for the blog and also tell all of you who feel like you don't have a 'niche' to not stress about it. Seriously, you do not need to. If the content you are producing is strong and authentic, you are golden my friend.



  1. I'm with you!! For a while I was hoping that my niche would just sort of emerge as I continued to blog, but the thing is, I want to include to wide a range of topics for that. Maybe my blog won't be as successful because of it, but I'd still rather style my blog the way that best suits me!

  2. Awe i look forward to seeing your new name and design dear :)

  3. Great post! I look forward to the unveiling of your new name and seeing your new design. I agree with the niche blogging concept. I'm a new blogger but I thought about a specific topic blog for a very long time as I thought it would bring me the most success. After thinking long and hard about it, I realized that my personality and strengths come through in a wide variety of topics and I found no need to limit myself. I look forward to continue my blogging journey and to captivate both readers and sponsors, in my personal way. It's nice to hear that a successful blogger like you seems to agree!

  4. You are so right, girl! I am a fellow niche-less blogger and am doing just fine. I think people actually enjoy getting something different everyday! I get bored with the fashion/makeup/fitness blogs I follow because it's the sames stuff! Can't wait to see the new design!

  5. I totally agree :) I'd consider myself a "nicheless" blogger because I don't really blog about one specific topic. I suppose some would pin-point me as a "mommy blogger" though. The best part about "nicheless" blogging though is you can blog about ANYTHING! The sky's the limit. And when you're in need of post ideas, you can really write about anything! A recipe post one day and a fashion post the next or even just talk about what you loved about your weekend. Love this post and you know I LOVE your blog :)

  6. ha love this post....that's been my struggle-trying to find a niche to "define" my blog...

  7. I think I am also in your category of nicheless. It is a good place to be because it feels genuine. Looking forward to reading more. Came over from the influence link up.


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