Jennifer Blake: June: Currently

June: Currently

June 10, 2013

celebrating the end of my summer class.

clearly lacking in the blogging department, I promise more constant posting will happen soon.

feeling tired, the end of a semester is always a killer.

wishing I had a photographic memory.

having a love affair with project life, still.

seriously obsessed with pretty little liars.

eating caprese, can't get enough.

drinking simply blueberry lemonade.

enjoying the quiet mornings on the couch.

loving summer time

still trying to stick with yoga, so far so good.

washing workout clothes like crazy lately and...

wishing we had our own washer and dryer.

appreciating the days off with Aaron.

waiting for Thursday.

thinking how awesome hiking was yesterday, amazing views.

looking forward to planning my new blog design.

wondering what life will look like when we move back to NH.

practicing being in the present moment.

truly loving life right now.


  1. oh, where did you hike? It looks lovely!

  2. What a fun post and beautiful picture!

  3. That picture is gorgeous, first of all. Second of all, I need to practice being in the moment as well. Isn't that hard to do as a blogger? We're always writing and recording and taking pictures and thinking of how we can transform each moment into a blog post-- but we really need to take a step back sometimes and just "be" :) Thank you for that reminder!


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