Jennifer Blake: mornings are my favorite.

mornings are my favorite.

June 20, 2013

Mornings are sometimes my favorite part of the day. I have always been an early riser, I partly blame my type A personality for it, and my dad. I have this idea in my head that I need to rise early in order to not waste the day sleeping. Aaron is a late sleeper, he would sleep all day if I let him.

Being married and living with someone is a big adjustment. There is much less "you" and a lot more "we". I love it. However, I am a very independent person and an introvert. Some people get their energy from being around other people, and while I love my husband, family and friends, I get my energy from being alone. I need it. If I don't have time for myself I get stressed, which leads to cranky, which leads to mentally and emotionally exhausted. This is where mornings come in.

Mornings and I have an awesome relationship. I stumble out of bed around 7, turn on the coffee pot, and make my way to the couch. I drink my coffee, read, blog, sometimes I bake, I knit, I sketch, and the best part? I don't feel guilty about doing any of it because there is no one else I should be giving some of my attention to. At night when I have my computer out or I am in the bedroom reading, a little guilt creeps up because I feel like I should be with Aaron, but mornings are my time.

I very rarely ever turn the TV on in the morning, because the other favorite part of my mornings is the quietness. It is rare to live in a city and hear nothing. Sometimes I hear silence, and it is amazing. During the day we here sirens and people constantly, I swear sometimes my energy can become drained sitting on the couch listening to the constant noise. So mornings are quiet and I love it.

I get the best of both worlds since Aaron is a late sleeper, I get mornings to refresh myself and then I get the rest of the day and night with him!

Are you a people person? Or do you crave alone time? 


  1. first, I love the new blog layout! it's so clean and pretty! :) second, I am definitely a morning person who needs some quiet before I start my day. I know exactly what you mean!

  2. Mornings are my absolute favorite too! I feel guilty sleeping past 7 because I feel as if I have wasted half my day haha. There is something about waking up, putting a cup of coffee on and just being able to enjoy it in the quiet of the am while the birds chirp. I am not quite sure when the whole loving mornings happened but I don't think I could ever go back.

  3. I definitely need my alone time! I wish I were a morning person as that seems really productive but I doubt that's ever going to happen!

  4. That picture is beautiful! I've been TRYING really hard to be more of a morning person. And by trying, I mean setting my alarm for 7am (usually like an hour before Alea gets up) and shutting it off and going back to sleep. But... baby steps ;) That picture is BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. I am a total people person. I flip flop back and forth between getting up early and sleeping in. These days I do not really get to sleep in since the hubs is away. So it is just me and the kiddos. I do not really get quiet time until they are in bed asleep. By then I am usually too tired to do much of anything. One school is back in session, I am going to have to get up earlier and go to bed later to get things done. Life is going to be crazy come August.


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