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June 18, 2013

Like the new look? I worked really hard on designing everything myself and coding it. I know it is not perfect, but I am pretty happy with it for now!

I have been thinking for a few months not about a name change. When I started simplistic living I thought I was going to be writing about living on a budget, and while we certainly do live on a budget, this blog has grown to be so much more. I wanted a name that could grow with me, a name that did not hold me to once category, a name I couldn't get sick of- and you can't get sick of your name right? I wanted a tag line that was fun and gave a glimpse of what people will find when they come here. I really do love the new name and it makes me more inspired to come write in this little space.

So with a new look comes a new path for content. You are going to see a lot more real and more authentic posts. There will be a lot more tutorials and small projects. I am excited. So so excited. I hope you are too!

I have also changed up my sponsors! They are cheaper and I added 2 unique concepts to them. Go check out the page!

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  1. WOW! I adore your new branding and colors and EVERYTHING!!! It is SO LOVELY!! xo

  2. It's BEEEEEEEEE-autiful! I'm so impressed. You did a fantastic job.

  3. So happy for you darlin! I vote you bring back Friday Favorites! They were so much fun!!


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