Jennifer Blake: A trip to the zoo!

A trip to the zoo!

July 25, 2013

I have a major love for animals, especially giraffes, sloths and elephants. Aaron and I tried to plan a trip to the Roger Williams Zoo and it ended up raining so we decided to skip it. Well a few days before his surgery it was sunny and 90, so we hopped in the car, drove 45 minutes and walked around the zoo for the afternoon. I was in love with the animals. I took a billion pictures of the giraffes and the elephants getting a bath. It took two laps around for us to spot the sloth, he was sleeping in a tunnel way up high, but made an appearance for us when we went back around.

I had so much fun walking around with Aaron, I kind of felt like a little kid again. It was incredibly hot but I sucked down and Del's frozen lemonade which was delicious. On our way home I wasn't ready to get back to we stopped for some lunch at Applebees, it was the perfect day together.

Do you have a favorite animal? Or been to a zoo lately? I'm itching to go to the San Diego Zoo!


  1. So much cuteness! I love me some zoo time!

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  2. So cute! i love pandas lol! Rare to be seen at zoos but they are too cute!


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