Jennifer Blake: Currently {July}

Currently {July}

July 22, 2013

celebrating that it is summer time and we are on break until the end of August!

clearly lacking in the blogging department, but I'm okay with it.

feeling sick. I never get sick in the summer but I picked up a pretty nasty cold somewhere.

wishing Aaron has a speedy recovery!

having so much time for mindless TV watching and relaxing with the hubs.

seriously convinced that Fall is my favorite, it used to be summer, but man I love Fall.

eating frozen peppermint patties, I love them.

drinking coffee, lots and lots of it.

enjoying the AC. We have had major humid days lately.

loving my amazing husband.

still trying to eat in season and overall healthier.

wishing our move to NH was closer.

appreciating the deliciousness of popsicles.

waiting to find out my clinical placements for next year.

thinking about how much of a difference light blocking curtains in our bedroom make! 

forward to a session with the amazing and talented photographer Alysia.

wondering what fall semester will look like.

practicing my patience.

truly love watching boy meets world.

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