Jennifer Blake: Currently {August}

Currently {August}

August 5, 2013

celebrating that Aaron is back on his feet!

feeling lucky to have amazing family & friends.

wishing time could slow down a little, summer you are passing too fast.

having fun trying different types of coffee.

seriously excited for girls day with Mom this weekend.

eating string cheese on a daily basis.

drinking Diet Coke, there is just nothing better some days.

enjoying our new apartment setup.

loving Despicable Me 2! So so funny.

waiting to hear back about our clinical sites

appreciating how lucky I am to have married my best friend.

reading Adulting, it's hysterical.

wearing stripes, almost every day.

looking forward to new TV shows this this fall, specifically New Girl. 

wondering how it will feel to move back to NH.

practicing my knitting, I am seriously determined to finish the blanket I started a year ago.

truly love late summer nights.

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  1. I'm reading Adulting too! Seriously hilarious, strangely informative! Kind of like your blog!


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