Jennifer Blake: How to stay motivated

How to stay motivated

August 22, 2013

Motivation. I lack it all the time.
I was writing an article for a newsletter that I write bi-weekly for No Finish Line Running. I decided to make the newsletter all about motivation.

I lack motivation to exercise.
I lack motivation to produce solid blog content somedays.
I lack motivation to clean our apartment.
I seriously lack motivation to cook dinner, pretty much every night.

When I accomplish the things on the list above I feel amazing. I feel completely and totally proud its like a high from doing something productive. So why do I lack motivation some days to do those things that I know once I do them I feel amazing? Beats me. But since I know that there are days where all I have is the energy to sit on the couch sipping coffee and watching endless episodes of pretty little liars, I have learned a few tricks to getting motivated.

The only other thing I find myself doing that I would suggest you do NOT do is the trap of telling yourself you deserve it. Sure we work hard and there are days where we deserve to take off, there are days we deserve the second big bowl of ice cream, but there are days where you tell yourself you do as a way to make an excuse not do something. I get caught in this trap a lot. I tell myself I deserve a day on the couch and deserve to not make dinner or move all day. Honestly, some days it is an excuse and pure laziness. Absolutely take time for yourself and give yourself breaks, but don't make it a habit to use "I deserve it" as an excuse. 

What do YOU do to stay motivated? I could use some help! 

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  1. Needed this SO insanely badly this week. THANK YOU!!!


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