Jennifer Blake: September 2013: I Choose

September 2013: I Choose

September 2, 2013

Hello September! 

I cannot believe September is here, summer flew by. I am a fall girl through and through. I love sweaters, boots, colorful leaves, anything apple or pumpkin, scarfs, and warm blankets. I could seriously go on and on about why I love fall, I'll spare you. 

My goals for September are simple. I am just starting to get back into the swing of school and Aaron and I are going to be finding a new routine. So for September...

+ I want to master my camera, I want to take amazing pictures, and I know the only way that will happen is with practice.
+ Also, lets be real for a second...I taught myself how to knit almost a year ago and I have been working on the same dang blanket forever, so it is time to finish it.
+ I just started school a week ago, and I already feel behind, is that possible?? So I am going to try my best to stay organized and on top of things.
+ I want to really connect with my readers, I have a few close blog friends and you guys are just the best, seriously. I am not sure how to tackle this goal, maybe a link-up with someone? More snail mail and emails? I'll be brainstorming and working on it for September.
+ Lastly, apartment hunting. Man our move is coming fast and as excited as I am to be moving to NH, I dread finding a new place and moving. I hate moving, so much. I am hoping if I start apartment hunting now we will be able to find the perfect place and I will be less stressed!

What are your goals for September?


  1. I'm right there with you! I love fall. I am so happy summer is over, well, almost. Bring on the pumpkin and blankets and hot chocolate!

  2. Yea I've totally slacked from taking pics like I use to when I was at home but i guess some things causes you to quit doing things you love to take care of other things


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