Jennifer Blake: a fall mix.

a fall mix.

October 17, 2013

With midterms in full swing, music has been my choice of background noise. TV tends to distract me too much. I have been loving the relaxing/folk/alternative stuff lately. I thought I would share my most recent playlist with you!

Fall 2013 by Jennifer on Grooveshark

What do you think? What are you loving lately, I am always looking for new music! Also if you haven't checked out the video for The Paper Kites Featherstone its awesome check it out here. I also love the new Katy Perry song released yesterday but Grooveshark doesn't have it yet!


  1. I can't ever get enough of folk music. And also? Thanks so much for introducing me to The Paper Kiss! My favorites are (always) The Weepies, Eisley, and Copeland.

  2. So awesome right! I love the paper kites! The Weepies are also on the top of my list! I have never heard of the other two I will have to check them out!


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