Jennifer Blake: Apartment Hunting [part 1]

Apartment Hunting [part 1]

October 7, 2013

If you missed me talking about it before this, we are moving to NH in December! We could not be more excited to be moving back to where we are originally from, we will be closer to family and we just love New Hampshire in general. I always said I never wanted to settle in NH, but you know what? After living in MA for over 2 years and going to school in MA for 4+ years I am welcoming NH with open arms. Who knows if this is where we will 'settle' but for now it is where we are heading. We finish classes up in early December and we will fully make our move once finals are over. We have about 8 months of clinical, which will all be done in NH. We are hoping to be in the Seacoast area (Newmarket, Exeter, Portsmouth, Dover) because overall that is our favorite area to be. 

You guys, apartment hunting is hard! Sure I am picky, but I really am not that picky. We looked at a few places last weekend, I loved one (out of our price range) and I hated one. It has me really discouraged, especially because we have spent endless hours online looking and we have come up completely empty. This past week we found one promising place, but when I contacted them they told us they needed to lease it starting in November, which we clearly cannot do. 

My wish list for an apartment?
- 2 bedrooms
- Plenty of closet space
- Washer and dryer in unit
- Updated/modern
- Parking for 2
- Eat in kitchen or a dining room 

What else would I love...but could really live without if I had to...
- A porch or balcony
- Covered parking 
- Walking distance to downtown 
- Lots of windows

Am I looking for too much? I seriously feel so discouraged, the place we are in now is really nice and pretty modern, and there is tons of closet space, it will be hard to compete with what we are in now. 

Did you ever struggle while looking for a place? 

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  1. When I moved to OK I had the same problem! Adam and I looked at so many apartments and seemed to keep coming up empty handed. Most of them didn't have a dining area, not even a bar in the kitchen. I was completely against eating every meal on the couch. We did finally find a place we liked but I had to give up on the fact that I wanted to be away from campus. Keep looking, I'm sure you will find your perfect place :)


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