Jennifer Blake: Dear You.

Dear You.

October 15, 2013

Dear you.

Yes, you. The one with her face buried in the blankets hiding from the light shining in the windows. Stop worrying about it. Whatever it is, just breathe it out, let it go. Grab the blankets and throw them to the side. Find your comfiest sweater, a pair of leggings and some cozy socks. Take your book off the bedside table, take your journal while your at it and your favorite pen. Make your way to the couch, place your books down, now head to the windows and open the curtains as wide as they go, let the light shine through, let it warm you to your soul. Now go turn on the coffee pot or the tea kettle, whichever you prefer. Now take you steaming tea or coffee to the couch with you. Grab that blanket off the arm of the couch and make yourself comfortable. Give yourself a half hour of you time. Read, write, sing, dance, do it all. Do it for you. Stop letting the worries of yesterday or tomorrow get in your way. You deserve to be happy, so so happy.

There will be days where motivation is lacking. Where you want nothing more than to stay in bed with the curtains blocking out any ounce light and the covers hold you down tight. There will be days when you feel pulled in so many directions with no time to breathe. There will be days when everything you say just feels like the wrong thing. There will be days when the anxiety and pressure from the past or the future looms so heavy you feel like you can't move.

Shake those days off.

Turn up the tunes to your favorite song and remember that taking 5 minutes for yourself is allowed. The world needs your smile and your happiness, so don't let it be hidden by the pressure, busyness and weight of the world.

Shake it off girl and sparkle bright.



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