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Friday Letters

October 18, 2013

Happy Friday, Friend! I thought it would be follow along with Ashley over at The Sweet Season for Friday letters.

Dear Friday, can we go slow? I need this weekend to move super slow, I am not ready for next week!

Dear Fall, I know I will probably regret saying this but can you bring a little bit colder weather? It is HOT in our apartment and it seems weird that I could go outside last night without a jacket. Bring a bit more of that crisp air would ya?

Dear coffee, what would I do without you? I am totally hooked on pumpkin spice and cinnamon roll flavored right now. You never disappoint.

Dear midterms, I only have one more of you to make it through, I am so excited to be done Monday.

Dear NH, see ya tonight!

Dear Target, you always make me buy things I don't need. I can never just run in for one thing, it is always a cart full.

Dear crockpot, you are a lifesaver. I made chicken and dumplings in you last week and they were so good. I am already plotting and planning for Sunday on what I should cook in you next!



  1. I only recently discovered the magic of crockpots. So amazing!

  2. I have only tried it with cinnamon I've never tried it with anything else! It has actually been a while since I have tried it, I might have to give it another go!

  3. So, and maybe this is just me, but did you know that you can add different spices to the coffee grounds before you brew the coffee? I tried cinnamon and nutmeg yesterday. So good!


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