Jennifer Blake: Goal Setting {Part 1}

Goal Setting {Part 1}

October 3, 2013

I have always been a goal oriented person, if I have something to work towards it motivates me so much more. There are definitely things I get done that do not take motivation, but most big or long projects I need motivation for. I also have realized over the past year that breaking goals into smaller parts and changing them frequently helps me not burn out and stay motivated. This is why I started doing monthly goals. Sure I used to try and make all of these resolutions at the start of the year, but I never found myself actually sticking with many of them. I whole heartedly believe that one year is a long time to stick with a goal, if you have a big goal why not break it into smaller monthly goals? I think I reach my end goals more frequently and with pride more if I break them up.

Baby steps people.

Here is how I tackle picking monthly goals...

+ I pick different types of goals. I try my best to have at least one school goal, one personal goal, one relationship goal, and one work/blog goal.

+ I base how many goals to tackle based off how busy the month is. Typically with school I have all my assignments written out for the month and I know mine and Aaron's personal schedule (for the most part). If the month looks busy I try to stick with just a few goals, maybe one from each category...sometimes an extra one thrown in there. October is busy so my goals are pretty strait forward.

+ I am realistic. I try not to put down something so big I know there is no way to get it done in one month, I may take some piece of it and set a smaller goal, but I try really hard to make sure they could be attainable.

+ I don't beat myself up for not reaching a goal. Sometimes I accomplish one of my goals and as much as I hated admitting to myself I had failed, failure is ok. Those goals I didn't finish, well they can go into another month.

+ I am okay with letting something go. If a goal is not working, I have learned it is okay to change my mind and make something else a priority. Maybe I realized a different goal? Or I started working on the goal and realized after all it was not really something that important to me. For instance the guitar... I have always wanted to learn, I have tried to make time for it and to be honest it just is not working for me. It is not a priority for me right now, so I will let it go and maybe in a few months it will become something I want to tackle again.

+ Don't make excuses. When I set a goal I try to set a plan of how I am going to get there. I create steps and action items under that goal. I like to have a game plan. I don't make excuses about time or anything, I carve out time for the priorities and I make mental notes of when a goal is not working and think about how I can move it to another month or tweak it some way.

This is how I try to plan for monthly goals. I of course have big mammoth life goals that I want to reach  but I like to think of some of these monthly goals as baby steps.

How to you set goals? Have any good tips? I'd love to hear!

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