Jennifer Blake: Project 3/ Fall Wreath

Project 3/ Fall Wreath

October 23, 2013

If you read my blog even a little bit you probably already know I love fall, fall puts me in a mood to do lots of crafting and projects! My list is long and I will probably not be able to get all the project done in fall, good thing winter is great for projects too!

I threw together a quick and easy wreath for fall. You only need 3-4 things!

- Foam circle
- Yarn
- Ribbon
- Pre-made bow

It was a perfect and easy craft to distract me from studying! All I did was wrap the yarn around, the yarn I bought was multi-colored fall-ish colors. I covered the whole foam circle, then I found some gold sparkly ribbon and wrapped it around and pinned it in the back. Lastly, I snagged this cute bow from Michael's and added it on to spice it up!

Have you done any fall crafts yet?!

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