Jennifer Blake: Volume 1: He & She

Volume 1: He & She

October 31, 2013

Has been busy with school and working on a few projects. He has been apartment hunting and trying to find something I will approve of. He has been staying up late watching the Red Sox and filling me in on all the details since I have been too tired to stay up! He has been reading graphic novels, currently The Sandman and loving them. He has been trying to keep me from stressing about our upcoming move and telling me it will all work out.

Has been itching to listen to Christmas music and just bought the new Kelly Clarkson Christmas CD. She has been anxious and stressed about not finding an apartment, but knows deep down it will all work out. She is excited for November and being so close to being done with classes. She has been getting excited for a little holiday photo shoot with the very talented and super sweet Alysia. She has been buying every color polish from Essies new winter line..and loving  it all.

This idea was from the lovely Stephanie

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  1. You guys are busy! I love my new Essie polish so I may have to go check out the whole winter line now! Glad I'm not the only one itching to listen to Christmas tunes :)


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