Jennifer Blake: Currently: November edition.

Currently: November edition.

November 6, 2013

celebrating finishing my treatment plan for school!

feeling exhausted, this time change is killing me people.

wishing this weekend was here already!

having so much fun planning goals for 2014.

seriously excited to escape for a little while next week.

eating Reeses like they are going out of style. 

drinking apple caramel coffee!

enjoying Christmas music, SO much.

loving painting and messing around with water colors.

waiting to find an apartment, its a struggle people.

appreciating how lucky I am to have some of the best friends.

reading Tales of an Imaginary Best Friend.

wearing infinity scarfs all the time, it's cold. 

looking forward the new Thor movie, love him. 

wondering why apartment hunting is so difficult.

practicing patience and gratitude. 

truly excited for my pediatric fieldwork in January.

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