Jennifer Blake: Lets be real [vol. 1]

Lets be real [vol. 1]

November 12, 2013

I schedule most of my posts, there are only few occasions that I publish a post right after I hit it. The special occasions that I do, you better know something is up. It usually means I have a burning desire to get words out because I am stressed, frustrated, sad, angry, or some other not good emotion, and writing helps.

But today? Well today I didn't have anything scheduled. This week is busy, like so busy I feel like I am sprinting to keep up and eventually everything is going to come crashing down, I am juggling too many plates at the moment. I wish I could share more, but I promise later I will! I wanted to write today, I wanted to put something down, I wanted to just get real and share how I feel and what we are up to.

So lets get real?

+ First off...You guys, its snowing! Like big ol' flakes of beautiful white magic. I really and not a snow fan, but there is something so magical about the first few snows. I just get all giddy inside and I love it. I also love it more when I can spend the majority of my day inside watching it fall magically to the ground from the sky.

+ Also, we may have gone out and bought a small 4ft Christmas tree because we didn't see the sense in putting up a giant tree with are upcoming move right around the corner. The big tree will be at our new place. I know we haven't hit Thanksgiving yet, but Christmas is my jam. A month is just not enough for decorations and we started a little early. I would be lying if I didn't say my current favorite thing is to sit on the couch with the Christmas tree lights turned on and Christmas music playing while I blog or do homework. It just makes my soul happy.

+ I had a really rough week last week, I totally am a believer now that bad things happen in threes. Friday I got hit with three things and I did not handle them with grace whatsoever, definitely something I need to work on.

+ 30 days of letters is fun, I have been terrible the past few days at uploading pictures to Instagram, but I have been getting one letter out each day! I hope they are making people smile.

+ I am currently having a love affair with my camera. It can do so much and I love getting chances to whip it out and practice taking pretty pictures. Definitely making more time for my camera.

+ 2014 is going to be amazing. I am going to make sure of it. I am already planning so much for the blog and for life in general. Excited is an understatement. 2014 brings a lot of change for us, I am excited and a little scared to see it all unfold!

Thats life right now, I'm drinking coffee and watching the snowflakes melt as they hit the ground.

Happy Tuesday, Friend.


  1. Love this! I have this yearning to put up my tree and I am usually a stickler for NOTHING Christmas before Thanksgiving! I also HATE snow and I have this little piece of my heart yearning for a good snow storm :) and FINALLY I too and excited for 2014! Thanks for sharing your heart :)

  2. I'm in love with Christmas music this year. Adam and I go home to my parents every other year for Christmas and while I love getting to spend it with them I always feel like I'm missing out on spending the holidays in my home with Adam. I tend to break out the decorations and music early those years. I'm grateful that this is one of those years.


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