Jennifer Blake: Project Life 2013: Reflections

Project Life 2013: Reflections

December 9, 2013

2013 is coming to a close pretty quickly and I am a few weeks behind on Project Life, but my goal is to wrap it all up once we are moved into our new apartment, hopefully before January 1st hits. I loved everything about Project Life this year and I would be lying if I wasn't itching to start 2014PL already!

It really can be as simple or as complex as you make it. I loved working from both the turquoise kit and seafoam kit this year, the colors worked pretty well together and I was happy with how most of my spreads ended up coming out. I tried out a few different page layouts over the course of the year, my favorite being Design A spreads. I just loved the ease of Design A and I always had the right kinds of pictures to fill them. I was also a pretty big fan of Design F pages. I used way more iPhone photos than DSLR photos, most likely just because the ease that comes with having my phone constantly with me.

I started out sharing my spreads on Sundays, that way people who wanted to see them could, but I slowly fell behind and then always forgot to take pictures and post them! I hope to post some of the most recent spreads soon. Most of the pictures included in this years spread were everyday moments that I captured, I tried to be real with what I recorded. I also did a lot of journaling, which I loved and I tried to capture at least one main story per spread, as well as a mini recap from the week. I did manage to tackle this every week, with the exception of one week in February, I combined 2 weeks, I just did not have enough pictures for 2 separate weeks!

So what did I love?
- Design A pages
- The ease of PL
- Capturing real every day moments

What did I not love? 
- Falling behind
- Some layouts not looking cohesive
- Using my iPhone more than my DSLR

There are so many things I will be changing for tackling PL in 2014, I will be sharing my goals and aim for that soon.

Did you tackle PL this year? What did you think about the year and how it went?


  1. Seriously I want to PL so badly!! I'm thinking it might be a 2014 resolution!

  2. Can't wait to see the spreads. Looking forward to starting in 2014!

  3. I really love how you organized your 365 photos! One of my goals for 2014, along with completing another 365, I would like to organize my photos better. This seems like the perfect way to do it!



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