Jennifer Blake: The BEST of 2013

The BEST of 2013

December 31, 2013

I thought it would be fun to pick out the best moments of 2013 and share them with you! I tried to narrow it down so you wouldn't be scrolling forever. Enjoy! 

The best photo session
 The best surprise trip to Colorado
 The best decision 
 The best "we did it moment" & the best accomplishment
 The best project 
 The best healthy decision 
 The best relaxation method
 The best hair decision
 The best sunset
 The best e-course
 The best fall time adventure
 The best hike
 The best little girl to enter the world this year
 The best view
 The best weekend getaway
 The best mac&cheese
 The best pizza & sangria
 The best book 
 The best photo of taking a photo
 The best girls trip to NYC
 The best day to travel around Montreal 

Well there you have it, some of my best moments from 2013. It was a fun, stressful, exciting year and I am so ready for 2014, I can just tell it is going to be a great new year.

Happy New Year, friend.

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