Jennifer Blake: what you need to know.

what you need to know.

January 2, 2014

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1/ You're words matter. 
Those words you write every day on your blog or in a letter, they matter. Your words have the chance to make a difference. You may never know it, but that one person or those millions of people that read your words, they are impacted. Use your words for good. Use them wisely. There are too many negative and hurtful words that get thrown around, this is your chance to say something that matters, to spread positivity and love. You're words matter more than you know.

2/ Life is hard, but we can do hard things. 
Life isn't easy, we have been told that over and over again, but you know what? We can do hard things. YOU can do hard things. Work hard, spread love, be kind, listen more than you talk, and be grateful. When life gives you a curve ball or something does not go as planned, find the silver lining. Use your support systems to help you through the hard stuff and never ever give up.

3/ You can do it all, just not all at once. 
Have a dream of starting your own photography business? Want to design? Want to open your own coffee shop? Want to write a book? You can accomplish your dreams, but it won't happen all it once, and that is okay. You have the world in front of you and step by step, dream by dream you will get there.

4/ It's okay to get messy. 
Perfectionism is a mask, we hide behind the idea of perfectionism so we do not have to show our imperfect flawed selves. Life is meant to be messy. If you want to make a difference and accomplish your dreams & goals, you need to stop being afraid of the mess and dive in head first. Use the planner or journal you just bought, write down what you want from this life and then go back and scribble things out. Change and growth happen, it is part of life's mess, don't be afraid to scribble and cross out, don't be afraid to step out of your perfectionism and into a more beautiful flawed but real self. Getting messy means you showed up and lived each day of your life.

5/ Failure means you tried. 
Failure means you pushed aside your fears and stepped out into the world, it means you tried, fought, and struggled for something. It means you have passion and drive. It means that you stepped into the arena for what you wanted, you showed up. Failure means you stand for something and you believe in something enough to give it your all and it means you didn't let the fear of failure stop you. So you failed? So what. Pick yourself up and try again, you are braver than the ones sitting on the couch or hiding from their true dreams because they are too afraid of putting themselves out there and failing.

6/ You are loved. So loved. 
You may not always feel loved. You may be thousands of miles from your friends and your family. You may just feel like you don't have much support or love in your life currently. But let me tell you, you were placed on this earth for a purpose and you as SO loved. If you need a reminder come see me, I will tell you how loved and cherished you are.


  1. Love #3 - I constantly have to remind myself of that one. Why is it that we always feel like we have to be the best at everything and do it all at once? So crazy, not realistic at all!

    I'm catching up on blogging once again, so I'm sure I'll read about it but hope the move went well :)

  2. love the third one. I have to remember to take things one at the time. I get so frustrated with myself sometimes trying to do everything at once.


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