Jennifer Blake: Dear Monday,

Dear Monday,

February 17, 2014

Dear Monday,

You are always a rough one. You come so fast and so early. That alarm rings at 5:30am and I know you have arrived, I typically wish you away immediately, but today is different. Today, I welcome you, I am ready for you, I am determined to make Mondays just as good as Fridays. I want to stop hating and dreading you so much, I want to appreciate the newness and fresh start you bring. I want to embrace every minute of you, because we never know just how many Mondays we will have. You may be the start of the work week Monday, but you are so much more than that. You are another day that I get to spread kindness to others, you are another day that I get to hug and talk to my loved ones, you are another day that I get to make a difference. You are so much more than your early buzzing alarm and your promise of a 5 day work week. I would be sad if I never had another Monday to do all the things I loved doing, so today I will embrace you. I will sip my coffee slowly and think about how lucky I am for you, Monday.


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