Jennifer Blake: Goal Setting: February

Goal Setting: February

February 6, 2014

I have tried so many ways to set goals and stick with them. For me little action steps to bigger goals work best, tested and true (at least for me!).

So how do I set goals? I use Lara Casey's power sheets and my Simplified Planner.
Oh and a whole lot of lists!

At the end of each month I sit down and reflect about the month and what went well, what didn't go well, when I felt overwhelmed, when I felt balanced and productive. I then take what I learned from the month and use it to help me set goals for the next month. I set monthly, weekly and daily goals. The power sheets help with this, but I also write down my daily goals on a sticky note  and keep one in almost every room and notebook I have. I tape this list of goals to the front of the binder above as a daily reminder as well.

For me it is all about baby steps and not beating myself up over not reaching a goal or step. I also try to balance out my goals, I try to set a few for work, home, the blog and personal health. It makes me feel more balanced and well rounded this way!

February Goals---

Finish 2 books
Go somewhere new with Aaron
Decorate our bedroom
Organize our office
More family time
Plan upcoming blog and house projects
Increase my running mileage
Create a budget
Pay it forward

Read 5 chapters
Work on Etsy shop plans
Finish a Project Life spread
Date with Aaron
Create 1 thing
Do something for myself

10 minutes of cleaning up
15 minutes of quiet planning time

What are your goals for February?
I would also LOVE to hear about your favorite goal planning techniques or tips!


  1. I recently discovered your blog and it is fantastic. I am a big goal setter myself. This is a great idea to get organized and make sure I am hitting my monthly goals. The simplified planner is so colorful and fun. I might just be purchasing one soon ;)

  2. I love those power sheets! It's also super helpful to see how other people break down their lists and goals because I'm such a list and goal maker & it's really inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've been thinking about the power sheets but have yet to buy them. what are your thoughts on them? worth the money?

  4. I absolutely think they are worth the money, they are the only thing that have really really helped me focus and get things done! I can't speak of them highly enough!

  5. I LOVE seeing other peoples way of goal making and list making. I am such a list person!

  6. You are too sweet, thank you! The simplified planner is the best investment I've made, it is a little pricey, but worth every penny!


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