Jennifer Blake: how i get it all done

how i get it all done

February 10, 2014

Sometimes we think we can do it all. Like work 40 plus hours, keep the house clean, cook dinner, run errands, and take care of the kids (assuming you have them!). But what about time for ourselves? Where does that come into play? 

Lately I have been completely overwhelmed by the lack of time I have to work on fun projects or simply sit down with a magazine and relax. I am working full time Monday through Friday and working part time some nights and the weekends. Work never stays at work either. My Monday through Friday job requires a lot of at home prep work and planning. All of this work has led to very little 'me time' or even 'us time', which has led to a very stressed out me! Last week I sat on the couch Monday night and was completely exhausted and frustrated. I knew something had to change. 

I finally realized that I needed to ask for help, which for me is so hard to do. I have major control issues, so I would rather do something myself because than I know it will get done the way I like it, its is a terrible fault of mine. But I cannot work a billion hours and still keep up with all of the household stuff either, it isn't realistic or good for my mental wellbeing. 

So how do I get it all done?

I ask for help. I leave noted and lists of stuff I need Aaron to do around the house

I make lists for myself and prioritize what is on the lists.

I be realistic about the time I have and what needs to get done.

I wake up early, those hours in the morning are my favorite.

I make sacrifices. Sometimes the vacuuming or the dishes can wait. 

I don't beat myself up for not getting everything done.
I strive for grace and happiness, not perfection (I'm working on this one).

I do one thing for myself each day, even for just 15 minutes.

Lists. Lists. Lists. 

How do you get it all done? 
Do you ask for help or struggle with wanting things done your way?


  1. Great post. I often struggle with getting everything done also and then I wind up getting so overwhelmed that I get nothing done. Lose-lose situation here. Definitely asking for help has always helped, and learning to just let go. If the laundry doesn't get done one night, there is still tomorrow :)

  2. Awesome post, Jennifer! I think time management is key in these types of situations-- it can seem so daunting at first when you look at your to-do list but so rewarding crossing the items off!

  3. The only way I remember to get anything done is when I write it all down. I am definitely going to have to start making time for me to keep from getting overwhelmed. Hooray for lists on lists on lists!

  4. I make lots of lists! Also my husband is good about keeping up with his half of the chore list. I'd never get it all done alone and frankly I don't want to! :)


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